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Tulsa TechFest 2009

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November is right around the corner and that means it’s almost time for Tulsa TechFest. This will be my third year doing this event and it promises to be bigger than ever. I’ll be presenting the following sessions:

Integrating Customer Data in SharePoint with BCS, WCF and Silverlight

In this session, we illustrate how to use SharePoint Composites and Business Connectivity Services (BCS) to solve a rather frequent problem in enterprises: integrating disparate customer data. We will use this scenario to illustrate the latest capabilities in SharePoint Composites. We will specifically show the different aspects of integrating external data in SharePoint using BCS, from accessing the external data using SP LINQ, creating the external content types, and surfacing this data in SharePoint and Office. Finally, we will also show how to use this data and create a Silverlight experience directly on SharePoint.

Customizing the Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Deployment Process

Visual Studio 2010 has built in support for building SharePoint 2010 projects and creating WSP solution packages and it will deploy those solutions to your local development environment. This talk is all about customizing the WSP packaging and deployment process and will include things you can do to customize the deployment process with SharePoint commands, deployments steps and custom configurations.

See you there!