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Selling the Social

Three years ago I posted a screed entitled "Welcome to the Un-Social" on why enterprise customers weren’t buying into the whole Social Computing movement. My intent was not to dismiss the potential value of social applications but to challenge proponents to come up with viable business reasons why companies should invest in these new technologies, […]

The Case of the Missing Office Document Properties in SharePoint 2010

In preparation for a presentation on Records Management with Rob Bogue at a recent conference, I created some very simple demonstrations using the built-in Records Center template. The template creates a site with common records management artifacts, such as a drop-off library and records library, enables the various RM features (Document ID, In-Place Records Management, […]

Welcome to the Un-Social

Whenever a new platform, technology, or computing paradigm comes along there is the inevitable rush to proclaim it the greatest thing since sliced bread, the cure to all of mankind’s ills, the savior of civilization. What usually starts out as a worthwhile experiment in solving a particular problem with some out-of-the-box thinking quickly mushrooms into […]