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Unit Testing SharePoint in a 64-bit Environment

I’ve recently upgraded all my development environments to pure 64-bit (except, of course, for Visual Studio, which continues to be a 32-bit laggard) to take advantage of the extra memory space available in x64. When working with really large lists and datasets, having less than 1GB for the w3wp process is self-defeating – it’s not […]

SPTDD: SharePoint and Test Driven Development, Part Two

Since I released Part One of this series into the wild there have been many heated discussions around SharePoint and Test Driven Development. As always, Andrew Woodward has a great deal to say on the subject; in fact, we recorded a SharePoint Podshow on this very subject at the European Best Practices conference (and traded […]

SPTDD Shootout Featured on MVP Blog

When Andrew Woodward and I got together to discuss SharePoint and Test Driven Development for the SharePoint Pod Show at the UK Best Practices Conference we knew it was going to be fun. We also had a blast taking shots at each other during our sessions and on the developer panel (just in case you’re […]

SPTDD: SharePoint and Test Driven Development, Part One

  With the publication of the SharePoint Guidance code samples and documentation from the Microsoft Patterns and Practices group, the issue of Test Driven Development in a SharePoint environment has gained new prominence. A great deal of discussion is being devoted to this topic in the blogosphere and various communities (see Andrew Woodward’s excellent posts […]