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8GB of RAM in a Unibody Macbook Pro? Yes, but…

I know all this Mac stuff is off-topic for SharePoint readers but I get a lot of comments from other Mac users here so I thought I would post my experiences on a confusing topic. When I bought the new Unibody Macbook Pro back in October I did so with the hope that I would […]

SharePoint Saturday Tulsa Presentations and Code Samples

One of the things that baffles people when they first move to our particular neck of the woods (that being North Texas and surrounding environs) is how quickly the weather can change. It’s not uncommon to see forty or fifty degree temperature changes in a single day. It can be ninety degrees on Monday, snowing […]

A Good Post on SharePoint Designer Pros and Cons

Mark Rackley put up a good post on the pros and cons of using SharePoint Designer. I first met Mark at Tulsa TechFest last year when he was just diving into SharePoint. He’s come a long way since then and I enjoyed talking to him at the snowed-in SharePoint Saturday event this past weekend. Keep […]

Do (Use Site Definitions) Or Do Not. There Is No Try.

Paul Culmsee has authored a series of posts (the pertinent portions are here, here and here) on the whole Site Definition argument (see Joel’s original post here, and a deeper dive into the issue from me here and here) that I’m still shaking my head trying to follow. The gist of it seems to be […]

Commuting with the SharePoint Podshow

When people ask me where my office is, I’ve often joked that it’s my Chevy Silverado. That’s probably more true than I’d like it to be; I do spend a lot of my time driving between clients (or on airplanes, in which case my office address switches to seat 20B). Lately I’ve been filling the […]

Sometimes the Customer Just Isn’t Right

Sooner or later, every blogger who also happens to be a consultant encounters the same scenario. You learn something during a client engagement and blog about it – being careful never to name the client or give any identifying information – in order to share valuable information with the community at large so some poor […]

SharePoint PodShow and TDD (or What MVP’s Really Do at Summit)

Sometimes, we take all this SharePoint stuff way too seriously. Every now and then we need to lighten it up a bit and have a good chuckle (or three). Take a gander at the shenanigans when Bob Fox, Rob Foster, Spence Harbar, Ben Robb, Andrew Woodward, and myself found ourselves with a video camera and […]