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SharePoint.Performance: Retrieving List Data, Part Deux

Building on the earlier work done by Steve Peschka, Waldek Mastykarz has written a post regarding the use of the Content by Query Web Part versus custom data aggregation methods.  His results show completely different metrics for the PortalSiteMaprovider than Steve’s, which is a bit surprising (and contrary to some of our own, less empirical, […]

SharePoint.Performance: Optimizing Web Parts

With the release of Sonar, developers now have the ability to analyze the performance characteristics of custom-built web parts. The next obvious step is to optimize that web part code to make it as efficient and performant as possible. Here are my top five tips for improving web part performance (feel free to add your […]

DFW SharePoint Community for Developers

Over the last few months I’ve received a great deal of feedback from developers who have attended the DFW SharePoint Community meetings.  They’ve mostly expressed frustration with the lack of development topics and technical deep-dives, which is understandable considering that groups of this size tend to be comprised mostly of IT professionals and end users.  To address […]

Sonar – How We Did It

With all the press that SharePoint performance and capacity planning has been getting lately, Lawrence Liu asked me to do a write-up on some of the background and architecture of Sonar.  If you’re at all interested in SharePoint performance (and if you’re reading this that’s probably a safe bet), go check it out then download […]

The Great 64-bit Myth

Sometimes, you just get so annoyed you have to rant or you’ll explode.  The object of my ire this day is all the notebook vendors who claim to support "4GB of RAM" and Vista.  Bulls**t!!!  Buy one, try to install Vista x64 so you can use that $500 worth of 4 gig goodness and see what happens.  No drivers.  […]


AC told me last week that he was going to be in the Big Apple soon but with one thing and another going on I forgot (thanks for the reminder Bob).  If you live in or around the New York area and are at all interested in content management, publishing, site customization, site definitions, etc. then you […]

The SharePoint Cowboy Rides On!

Last week at SPC 2008 a long-time blog reader came up to me for a quick chat and referred to me as "The SharePoint Cowboy" when making introductions to a colleague.  Now a title like that is just too catchy to pass up.  So, mostly just to annoy and agitate Bob Fox (and give him even more reason […]

Spammers Be Gone!

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later – the spammers have wormed their way into my comments list and are filling it up with nonsense.  As a temporary measure I am turning on approvals in the Comments list until I can implement a custom Captcha field (if anyone knows of one that can […]

SharePoint Conference 2008, Final Thoughts

Day four of SPC’08 wrapped up with Ted Pattison’s talk on security and David Mann’s presentation on workflow (naturally). Dave had some excellent tips and tricks for managing workflows and is working on a cool new CodePlex tool to enumerate and manipulate running workflow instances. Be sure to bug him about so he’ll finish it […]

SharePoint Conference 2008, Day Three

Day three started with the Bob and Joel show on the big stage. Bob didn’t wait long to violate the cursing policy – his first statement of the morning was caught by an open mike when the lights went up. I was batting 100% on my predictions: we got a Bob 1.0 snapshot, a picture […]