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Test Driven Development Podshow

The guys over at the SharePoint Podshow have posted the discussion I had with Andrew Woodward regarding SharePoint and TDD during the European Best Practices conference. I assure you that no MVP’s were hurt during the taping of this show. Honest. I didn’t even smack Woody with my hat. Go check it out!

Congrats to the SharePoint Pod Show

As mentioned previously I’m a pretty avid fan of the work Rob, Nick, and Brett are doing on the SharePoint Pod Show. Apparently, I’m not the only one as they have just surpassed the 100,000 downloads mark. I had the honor of being the first "official" guest on the show and have just completed a […]

Thoughts on the European SharePoint Best Practices Conference

Lots of folks have blogged about their experiences already at the European SharePoint Best Practices Conference. It was, without question, one of the best organized and most well-received events I have ever attended. I can’t say enough about the fantastic job Steve, Zoe and the rest of the crew at Combined Knowledge did putting this […]

Debunking SharePoint Performance Myths

SharePoint is a big, complex, enterprise platform with lots of moving parts. There are multiple levels of dependencies, from the operating system to the physical network configuration, and everything has to work in harmony for SharePoint to operate at maximum efficiency. Because of all this complexity, and the dearth of authoritative information on the subject, […]