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The Terror of Infrequent Fliers

It being the holidays and all I thought I would set aside the tried and true SharePoint programming for a minute and vent about one of the things that most peeves me off in this entire universe – infrequent fliers. You know them. Those poor hapless souls who travel once in a blue moon to […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is easily my favorite holiday of the year. It’s a uniquely American experience and one of the few things we still get right when it comes to holidays; there’s nothing commercial about it – just family and friends and lots of food (the day after is something else entirely – don’t get me started […]

Creating a Custom WSS Site Definition

A number of people have asked me to do a post similar to this one regarding custom site definitions for WSS.  The process is very similar, if not a bit easier, to that for Meeting Workspaces but a few people got lost in the specifics so here’s a detailed walkthrough on creating custom WSS site […]

SharePoint Connections 2007 Final Thoughts

The SharePoint Connections 2007 Conference wrapped up on Thursday and I have to give it mixed reviews at best. The sessions were good – the one overall positive of the event – but the event organization and planning were quite poor. As mentioned previously, there was little if any wifi access to be found and […]

SharePoint Connections 2007 Day Three

It’s day three of SharePoint Connections 2007 and the strange just keeps getting stranger. I was back at the Office SharePoint Server kiosk fielding as many SharePoint questions as I could handle when I was informed that the entire Expo Hall would be closing at 2:30PM. Now, to be honest, I could have used a […]

SharePoint Connections 2007 Day Two

It’s day two and the wireless access is worse than ever.  Almost impossible to connect now.  Thank goodness for my AT&T 3G card or I would be completely unwired.    Here’s a question for you: if you paid thousands of dollars to have a booth at a conference such as this would you be peeved […]

SharePoint Connections 2007 Day One

It’s the first day of the SharePoint Connections 2007 conference and so far I’m feeling a bit underwhelmed. Registration was easy enough and – naturally – they loaded me down with yet another backpack I have absolutely no use for. I scanned the schedule only to discover that Monday is considered a "pre-conference" day – […]

Setting up Windows 2008 with MOSS

Bob Fox just posted an excellent walkthrough on setting up Windows Server 2008 with MOSS in his lab environment.  A timely article as I’m about to take the plunge and go dual-boot with Vista and Win2k8 on my tablet.    So far, I was able to easily transfer my Vista partition onto a portable drive […]

SharePoint Connections Las Vegas Nov. 5th – 9th

There’s still time to sign up for the SharePoint Connections conference in Las Vegas next week.  I’ll be there along with a bunch of other MVP’s so don’t miss out on your chance for some good SharePoint brain food in Sin City.  Look for me around Microsoft’s SharePoint booth, Ted Pattison Group’s stand, the Interactive […]

Bill English at DFW SharePoint Community Meeting Nov. 6th

Just a quick note to remind everyone that Bill English will be presenting "Findability, Taxonomies and Search in SharePoint Server 2007" at the DFW SharePoint Community meeting on November 6th.  Registration info here.