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Updated RSS Aggregator Web Part

I have posted an updated version of my RSS Aggregator web part here.  The new version includes some stability enhancements, better error reporting, and the option to open links in a new window.  Unfortunately I don’t have time at the moment to implement some of the other changes people have asked for, like XSL Formatting and […]

The SharePoint Application Platform Debate

Andrew Connell posted some thoughts regarding the use of SharePoint as an application platform in response to a post by Jeffrey Palermo (Full Disclosure – Headspring Systems, the firm Jeffrey works for, is one of our clients but I’ve never met nor spoken with him).  Jeffrey seems to be arguing against SharePoint because it cannot be […]

DFW SharePoint Community LOB Presentation

Sean Skinner has posted the slides from his presentation on Building Scalable and Secure Line of Business (LOB) Applications with SharePoint 2007 at the DFW SharePoint Community meeting on September 18th.  Get ’em while they’re hot!

September UK User Group Meeting Presentation Links

Last Monday’s user group meeting in Reading was full of excellent information.  Patrick Tissegham had to distill a week’s worth of information into about an hour and a half but he did a fine job introducing the group to Office Business Applications (OBA).  Steve Lamb reminded us that Security Matters and made some very good points […]

Just a Quick Thank You

I just wanted to throw out a big THANK YOU to Andrew Connell and Sean Skinner for delivering some great presentations to the DFW SharePoint Community group on Tuesday night.  The downside to participating in two user groups on opposite sides of the pond is that sometimes they conflict with each other and I have to choose […]

Becoming Part of the SharePoint Community

My blogging is a bit light this week as I am in the UK working on delivery of a big project to a client here.  While skimming my mountain of RSS feeds I noticed a new one from my numero uno amigo Bob Fox on SharePoint communities that’s a must read.  Go check it out.

Reminder – UK User Group Meeting Sept. 17th

Just a reminder to all my UK friends and fellow SharePointers that the UK User Group meeting will be held on Monday, September 17th at Thames Valley Park in Reading.  I will be there a bit early and staying late for any after-meeting pub action so be sure to stop by and say ‘Howdy’ (and no, I won’t […]

Using GetContentTypes with the Webs Web Service

I’ve been working on updating our SharePoint Utilities with support for Site Columns and Content Types in SharePoint 2007.  Ideally, I would like the tool to have the ability to create site columns and content types on the fly it it sees them in the list structure and they don’t already exist on the site.  […]

Site Columns, Content Types, and Curly Braces

This actually came up a while back during a training course on MOSS customization and branding but I was reminded of it while doing the mind-numbing work of manually creating site column and content type features for a client.  When you assign a GUID to a Feature it is up to you whether or not […]

Ontolica Search Workshop in Dallas Sept. 18th

The folks from Mondosoft are putting on an Ontolica Search Workshop here in Dallas on September 18th.  Ontolica is one of my favorite third-party SharePoint add-ons (along with Colligo Contributor and BDC MetaMan).  If you need some extra horsepower in your portal search then be sure to check out what Ontolica has to offer.   […]