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Happy New Year 2010

Hard to believe that another year has come and gone. I’ve never been one for predictions and resolutions, which I’m no good at keeping anyway, but I think 2010 is going to be a big year in SharePoint land. For starters, SharePoint 2010 really will be a game-changer. I believe with this release that we […]

Follow-Up on JQuery and SharePoint Performance

My initial post on the use of JQuery with SharePoint has generated a great deal of discussion (see here, here and here); so much so, that I felt some additional comments on the subject were merited. Let me begin by clarifying my position. I am not against the use of JQuery or any other particular […]

SharePoint 2010 Code Deployment, Part One

One of the most exciting aspects of Visual Studio 2010 is the tight integration it will have with SharePoint. The Visual Studio team has worked hard to make the SharePoint developer experience much more streamlined and less dependent upon manual configuration files and custom scripts. They have also made a tremendous investment into extensibility, allowing […]

Putting the Brakes on SharePoint with JQuery

For the better part of the last year I’ve been watching from the sidelines as nearly the entire SharePoint community jumped on the JQuery bandwagon. It seems like every year some new thing comes along which will make SharePoint sing and dance like a Broadway musical (remember 2007 – the year of AJAX?). Blog after […]

Houston SharePoint User Group Holiday Event

I’m in Houston today for the Houston SharePoint User Group holiday event. It’s gonna be a great time with a panel of long-time SharePointers fielding all types of questions, lots of prizes from the sponsors, free food and drinks. If you’re in the Houston area, space is limited so head on down to the Norris […]

Tilting at SharePoint Performance Windmills

As anyone who has ever heard me speak or had the misfortune to be cornered by me at a SharePint event knows, I’m a big proponent of implementing best practices for optimal SharePoint performance, both from an IT infrastructure perspective as well as custom development. Unfortunately, this is a tricky area with lots of gotchas […]