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Announcing the SharePoint Framework Developer Preview

At the Future of SharePoint event earlier this year, Microsoft announced a new customization model known as the SharePoint Framework. Naturally, this led to much speculation and discussion as the bits were only available to a few early beta testers and not much was provided in the way of samples or documentation. A number of […]

Zero Downtime Patching in Action

Whenever I talk about high availability in SharePoint and SQL Server Always-On Availability Groups I inevitably get a bunch of questions about the "zero downtime" patching concept first introduced at last year’s Microsoft Ignite conference. There seems to be a great deal of confusion about this topic, with many people wondering how it works, what happens to […]

Think Twice Before Including Video Content in Office or SharePoint Add-Ins

Let us say, for the sake of discussion, that you, being an enthusiastic SharePoint and Office developer, have just created a shiny new Add-In and you are ready to unleash it to the world. As we live in modern times where everything is on YouTube and selfies have been replaced by live video from smartphones, you decide to include some […]