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Custom Layout Pages, FieldName, and the Infrastructure Update

This one wasted several hours of an otherwise productive day. I was working on a demo site with a bunch of DVWP’s and custom pages when I noticed that all the publishing zones in my layout pages had disappeared. I could edit the list item and see the fields from my content type but when […]

SPTDD: SharePoint and Test Driven Development, Part One

  With the publication of the SharePoint Guidance code samples and documentation from the Microsoft Patterns and Practices group, the issue of Test Driven Development in a SharePoint environment has gained new prominence. A great deal of discussion is being devoted to this topic in the blogosphere and various communities (see Andrew Woodward’s excellent posts […]

TechEd North America 2009

Yes, it’s that time again – time to start planning for TechEd 2009. This year marks a return to the consolidated one-week format from the much derided and generally loathed split two-week format of last year. It will also be moving from Orlando to Los Angeles – a welcome change of scenery, if nothing else. […]

How to Hang a SharePoint Backup Job Without a Rope

Here’s a scenario that many seasoned consultants will be familiar with. A customer has a major problem – usually self-induced – that they have been trying to solve themselves for some period of time or hired some junior consultant to elevate from a minor annoyance to a complete catastrophe. So they call me in a […]