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SharePoint 2010 Anonymous Search Results

I recently ran into what should have been a well-documented and easily corrected search issue in SharePoint (2010 but the same could be said for 2007). The basic scenario was a public-facing publishing site with an extended zone for anonymous users (the default zone was configured for NTLM). Search worked find for authenticated users but […]

Upcoming SharePoint Capacity Planning Webcast

I’ll be presenting a crash course in SharePoint Capacity Planning on December 15th, 2010 as part of Idera’s Secrets of SharePoint webinar series. We’ll mostly be discussing SharePoint 2010 but many of the concepts apply to 2007 as well so don’t miss out even if you aren’t planning an upgrade soon. Things kick off around […]

Using PowerShell to Approve List Items

During the long and painful process of transferring this blog from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010, I came across a couple of annoying problems.  Fortunately, the most annoying problem was quite easy to solve. When I copied the old list items over, they showed up in the new list with an approval status of "Pending", preventing them […]