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SPTechCon 2014 Wrap Up

Another great SPTechCon as come and gone.  As always, the team at BZ Media did a great job putting on a top-notch event.  Many thanks to everyone who attended my sessions and for all the great questions. Links to the slide decks and demo code can be found below. See you all at the next […]

SharePoint 2013 Search Provisioning Errors – It’s All About Permissions

Configuring Search in SharePoint 2013 can be a tricky process that is best accomplished via PowerShell scripts. For starters, those messy database names with GUID’s in them that get created from UI provisioning are just hideous, but the real issue is that a proper topology (meaning search components running on more than a single machine) […]

The SharePoint Evolution Road Show is Coming to a (UK) Town Near You

For several years now, Steve Smith and the gang at Combined Knowledge have hosted one of the best SharePoint conferences anywhere in the world. Under various guises as "SharePoint Best Practices Conference", "International SharePoint Conference", or "SharePoint Evolution Conference", this annual London event is something that both the attendees and the speakers look forward to […]