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How to Manually Disable Claims Authentication in SharePoint 2010

In a previous post I shared some thoughts regarding changes to authentication providers in SharePoint 2010. As I worked through the issue of removing Claims/FBA and reverting to NTLM I discovered a number of issues that manifested themselves in strange ways. The first problem I encountered was the inability for a Farm account to make […]

The SharePoint Shepherd’s Nine Keys to SharePoint Success

Friend and fellow MVP Rob Bogue has just released a new DVD entitled "Nine Keys to SharePoint Success". It’s part of his ongoing series of engagement and adoption materials which complement his SharePoint Shepherd books and tutorials for end users. Rob and I work together on a number of projects, including our upcoming Introduction and […]

Access Denied Errors After Changing Authentication Provider Settings

Sometimes, we SharePointers take things for granted because we work with the platform on a daily basis and intuitively understand how things are supposed to function. Accidental site administrators, power users, and the poor folks in IT who’ve had SharePoint dumped in their lap through no fault of their own, can easily get frustrated by […]