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Another Year, Another Reason to Hate Technical Recruiters

Here it is, almost 2009 and I’ve gone nearly the whole year without ranting about recruiters but I just can’t take it any more. Way back in 2006 I penned an Open Letter to SharePoint Recruiters, begging them to stop trying to combine a developer and architect into a single position. A bit later, my […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008

One of the best parts of my job is being able to travel the world and meet new people everywhere I go. I have so many friends in so many corners of the globe that it’s hard to keep track of them all. While everyone has a slightly different tradition over the holidays, I believe […]

Troubling MSDN Article Content

Kim Nguyen over at Pariveda shot me an email today asking about some confusing terminology in this MSDN article. While I was perusing it, and marveling at how the author was able to completely mixup Site, Site Collection and Web object references with alarming regularity, I noticed the following paragraph: "For example, if you configure […]

2009 SharePoint Best Practices Conferences

This coming year we have not one but two Best Practices conferences on the calendar and the good news is that the folks across the pond are finally getting a chance to participate. The first conference is being held in San Diego, California on the 2nd – 4th of February. The second takes place in […]

Early Impressions of the New MacBook Pro

Since I’m all into this Mac thing now, quite a few people have asked me for my impressions of the new unibody (late 2008) MacBook Pro. Here are my thoughts, in no particular order (thanks to John Holliday for getting me to write these down): Construction – Can you say “gorgeous” about a computer without […]

A Tale of Two Macs

You may have noticed that there has been precious little blogging in this space recently. That’s mostly due to spending the last few weeks trying to get my technology back in line so I could be at least halfway productive. After much gnashing of teeth and cursing the computer gods (both in Cupertino and Redmond) […]