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Off to TechEd US 2008

I’m busily trying to wrap up all my loose ends before heading off to Orlando for TechEd US 2008. As usual, I’ll be filing daily reports on the various goings on, both at the show and at all the after-hours functions (see this post for a list of activities). Unfortunately, I will be working the […]

Timer Jobs, Alerts and the Daylight Savings Time Hotfix

Not too long ago I had a problem with MOSS timer jobs delaying execution until an hour after they were created.  I was puzzled, as the farm I was working on was a clean install of slipstreamed SP1.  After some searching, I found the KB941422 post-SP1 hotfix.  The install was no walk in the park […]

SharePoint After Hours Is a Hit!

Thanks to all who attended our first SharePoint After Hours session at the D/FW SharePoint Community meeting last night. It was a very interactive group and we went deep on building features and solution packages. A special thanks to Phillip Wheat, Microsoft Architect/Developer Evangelist, for his assistance, advice and insight. For those who attended, be […]

TechEd 2008 Schedule

Call it lucky or unlucky but I will be in Orlando for two weeks in June for both sessions of TechEd 2008 – and I’m not even speaking! Here’s a rundown of the planned activities (this post subject to frequent updates as the event approaches): Developer Week (June 3rd – 6th, 2008) Monday, June 2nd […]

D/FW SharePoint Community – SharePoint After Hours

To all the developer types who attend the D/FW SharePoint Community meetings, the schedule is pretty full for the May 20th meeting and we might not be able to squeeze in the break-out sessions as part of the regular agenda.  Fear not – we can still crunch some code after everyone else has left, even if we […]

Welcome to the Un-Social

Whenever a new platform, technology, or computing paradigm comes along there is the inevitable rush to proclaim it the greatest thing since sliced bread, the cure to all of mankind’s ills, the savior of civilization. What usually starts out as a worthwhile experiment in solving a particular problem with some out-of-the-box thinking quickly mushrooms into […]

SharePoint Development for the Masses

As a consequence of having a fairly high profile in the SharePoint Development community, I get a lot of inquiries from .NET developers, Java programmers, and even some legacy non-OO types, requesting guidance on how to get started in SharePoint development. I wish the answer was as easy as "Go buy this book and you’ll […]