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WinMac – The Ongoing Adventure of Running Windows Server on a Macbook Pro

I posted last week on my decision to ditch the Tablet PC platform and switch to a Macbook Pro. Unlike many others who run some flavor of Windows in conjunction with the Mac OS, I have absolutely no interest in using OS X, Y, Z or any other flavor of Jobsian operating systems. My primary […]

Adios Tablet PC, How I Will Miss Thee

Let me begin by saying that I absolutely love the Tablet PC form factor and the Inking experience.  There is nothing more intuitive than picking up a pen and interacting with a digital interface (short of touch but that falls short when you want to write something down).  If you don’t believe me, put a […]

The SharePoint Cowboy Saddles Up for the Land of ABBA

Thanks to fellow SharePoint MVP Goran Hussman I’ll be presenting two talks at the SharePoint and Exchange Forum (Warning: Link is a machine translation – please don’t blame me for the garbled Swedish!) near Stockholm, Sweden in September. I’m really looking forward to this trip for a few reasons: 1) I’ve never been to Sweden […]

Trapping XML Errors Using SharePoint Web Services

At the DFW SharePoint Community meeting this week we had a lively discussion about SharePoint web services and how difficult they are to debug. This actually has nothing to do with SharePoint per se – all methods that return nothing but strings are hard to debug – but it is a common pain point so […]

DFW SharePoint Community 2nd Anniversary Meeting

Many thanks to friend and fellow SharePoint MVP Andrew Connell for presenting at the June meeting of the DFW SharePoint Community last night. Andrew talked about developer and administrator tools to a packed house (the slides can be downloaded here). Afterwards, the Developer community spent some additional time discussing various toolsets, looking at the new […]

Stacy Draper’s Favorites Add-In for Word

I author all of my blog posts in Word 2007. Why? Well, first, I’m in Word all the time anyway and it’s a familiar environment; second, the blog template allows me to work offline and compose my posts for uploading later; and finally, because the formatting (especially of code blocks) is much closer to what […]

AC in da House!

Just a quick reminder that Tuesday, June 17th 2008 is the next monthly meeting of the D/FW SharePoint Community. SharePoint MVP and WCM expert Andrew Connell will be dropping by to give us all some guidance and tools for SharePoint developers and administrators. He’ll then be joining the Developer breakout group for a more in-depth […]

TechEd US 2008 IT Professionals, Final Thoughts

Well, it’s finally over. My two week marathon stint at TechEd has come to a close and I’m so happy to be out of here that I would do a dance if I had any energy left. I spent so much time on my feet and walking back and forth across the mammoth OCCC building […]

TechEd US 2008 IT Professionals, Day Three

Another day on booth duty. Not much excitement here but the motorcycle giveaway by Avepoint drew a pretty big crowd. The SharePoint Nation is well represented in the exhibit hall; the only partner zone banner hanging this week was for SharePoint. I didn’t take a formal survey but it seemed as if there were at […]

TechEd US 2008 IT Professionals, Day Two

The worst part about being an exhibitor at these events is that I don’t have any time to spend at the Office TLC or at breakout sessions. My day is completely consumed talking to customers about Sonar and trying to find small snippets of time to eat; which, considering the deplorable quality of food this […]