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Creating Permalinks for SharePoint Blog Post Items

Most commercial blogging platforms use a fixed URL structure, known as a "permalink", to identify posts – something like "". This structure makes it easy to reference a particular post, supports trackbacks/pingbacks, and makes it simple for search crawlers to locate content. Unfortunately, the SharePoint 2010 Blog template has no concept of how an actual […]

The SharePoint Shepherd Introduction to SharePoint Development DVD

Good friend and fellow MVP Rob Bogue, aka The SharePoint Shepherd, has just released an all-new Introduction to SharePoint Development (2010) DVD. It is a self-paced learning tool designed to bring new developers, regardless of background or level of experience, up to speed on the ins and outs of SharePoint programming. Each module is self-contained […]

Using PowerShell to Set List View Parameters in SharePoint Web Parts

While working on some modifications to the SharePoint 2010 blog site template I ran across an interesting problem. I was trying to duplicate the functionality of a particular web part; in this case, the Posts web part which outputs a formatted display of list items on the Category.aspx page of a blog site. The default […]