Tulsa Techfest 2008, Day Two

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Tulsa Techfest 2008, Day Two

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Today is the second and last day of Tulsa Techfest 2008. The day started with Dennis Bottjer talking about SharePoint performance. He had some good tips for architects and administrations and event hit on some development topics. The second Birds of a Feather session went well, with my old Chicken Dancing buddy Steve Walker sitting in to answer questions and facilitate discussion. The afternoon started with some good chalk-talk by Jim Hudson and Richard Oltmann of Oaktree Software regarding backup, restore, and disaster recovery in SharePoint. Michael Lotter finished up with a bunch of useful custom STSADM commands.

As I mentioned yesterday, registration was up this year and the turnout was impressive. It’s hard not to find something to grab your attention with 17 tracks of information. David Walker did a fantastic job organizing the event and pulling everything together. It was good to see our friends at B&R Solutions and IDA Architects there, along with some familiar clients and attendees. The OSU facilities are great – and they even have free WiFi!

Unfortunately, I’m driving back to Dallas tonight so I’ll miss the after party but I have suspicion things will be lively. That also means I’ll get caught in the Texas-OU traffic, which I can do without, but hey – it’s hunting season and my dog is waiting impatiently at home. Gotta go get us some birds!