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Troubling MSDN Article Content

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Kim Nguyen over at Pariveda shot me an email today asking about some confusing terminology in this MSDN article. While I was perusing it, and marveling at how the author was able to completely mixup Site, Site Collection and Web object references with alarming regularity, I noticed the following paragraph:

"For example, if you configure confirmation and automatic deletion to happen on the fifth day of each month, make it a policy to back up your server on the fourth day. You can automate this process by creating a stored procedure in Microsoft SQL Server to check the sites table and automatically back up any items scheduled for deletion. For more information about SQL Server, see the SQL Server documentation. For more information about the sites table, see the Windows SharePoint Services Software Development Kit ("

Say what? Since when is it OK to add a stored procedure to the SharePoint database and read directly from the Sites table? Please don’t do this – script your backups or use a product like PointBackup from Idera to automate site backups.

Who vets this stuff, anyway?

UPDATE: I tried adding some community content to this article but, alas, it threw an error on submission. Sigh.