The SharePoint Evolution Road Show is Coming to a (UK) Town Near You

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The SharePoint Evolution Road Show is Coming to a (UK) Town Near You

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Road TripFor several years now, Steve Smith and the gang at Combined Knowledge have hosted one of the best SharePoint conferences anywhere in the world. Under various guises as "SharePoint Best Practices Conference", "International SharePoint Conference", or "SharePoint Evolution Conference", this annual London event is something that both the attendees and the speakers look forward to – the information is top-notch, the venue perfectly suited to a mid-size event and the entertainment is out of this world. Unfortunately, due to the timing of the Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas this year, the event couldn’t be scheduled during April and the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre is a much sought-after location, being just across the way from the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey, so a later date was logistically infeasible.

So what to do? Well, if you’re Steve Smith, you don’t just throw in the towel and wait until next year. You take the show on the road! Instead of bringing a bunch of people to a single location, you pack up the whole shebang into a fleet of coaches and send it all across the United Kingdom for three weeks. A crazy idea, to be sure, but no more crazy than putting on a three day event that starts on day one with dozens of top-notch IT Pros and Devs working independently and ends on the final day with a complete set of end-to-end solutions (which we managed to pull off at the International SharePoint Conference 2012 in case you missed it). So why the not give it a go?

And that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Starting on June 9th, 2014, the SharePoint Evolution Roadshow kicks off in Cardiff, Wales, for a full day jam-packed with sessions from many of your favorite speakers in the global SharePoint community. The show then moves on to London, Cambridge, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds, and Newcastle, then swings up to Scotland into Edinburgh and Aberdeen, finally wrapping up in Belfast and Dublin on the 24th & 25th of June (I’ll be joining the tour for the last portion up north). No matter where you live in the UK an Evolution show is going to be in your neck of the woods this coming June (unless you reside near Fair Isle or Penzance, that is). Even better, the lineup rotates from location to location with only a few speakers going to every city on the tour. So the content will change at each venue, giving you an opportunity to attend more than one event without much overlap. How cool is that?

But the best part is the price. It’s only £99 per event! The average cost of a major conference is over £250 per day, making this one of the most affordable learning opportunities anywhere. You just can’t beat it. So get out your calendars and AA road planner – it’s time for some SharePoint, Evolution style, like nobody else can do it.

For more information and registration details, visit the SharePoint Evolution Conference website.


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