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TechEd North America 2009

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Yes, it’s that time again – time to start planning for TechEd 2009. This year marks a return to the consolidated one-week format from the much derided and generally loathed split two-week format of last year. It will also be moving from Orlando to Los Angeles – a welcome change of scenery, if nothing else. I have mixed emotions about this; not because I like Orlando (Taverna Opa notwithstanding) but rather because I lived and worked in Los Angeles for almost five years and it doesn’t hold any especially fond memories for me. Sure, there’s lots of stuff to do there but it’s so, well, L.A. – if you’ve every spent any serious time there you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

In any event, TechEd 2009 will be happening at the Los Angeles Convention Center May 11th – 15th. I will be presenting my favorite session, Building Scalable Enterprise Applications for SharePoint Server 2007 (or whatever they end up calling it – the names always seem to change), with some new twists thrown in just for TechEd. Be sure to join us for the madness and mayhem that always seem to occur when the SharePoint gang gets together. Oh, and you might try to fit in a few sessions if you can manage it; y’know, so you can justify the cost of the trip to your boss and all. Just a thought…

See you in L.A.!!!