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SharePoint Connections 2007 Day Three

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It’s day three of SharePoint Connections 2007 and the strange just keeps getting stranger. I was back at the Office SharePoint Server kiosk fielding as many SharePoint questions as I could handle when I was informed that the entire Expo Hall would be closing at 2:30PM. Now, to be honest, I could have used a break as I’d been on my feet explaining Excel Services for three hours but hold the phone – a day and a half is all the vendors get? We had a lot of people asking really good questions and from what I could tell the booths were pretty busy when the yanked the rug out from under us (literally – I was still demo’ing custom lists in WSS when the crews started rolling up the carpets all around us). There’s no excuse for this kind of mismanagement – the DevConnections people need to do a better job of organizing this event because I ain’t impressed.

Once I had a quick bite for lunch (and a great chat with April Spence, the SharePoint MVP lead) I took in AC’s WCM presentation (BTW, all his slides will be up on his site soon so keep an eye on the Speaking section). Then it was up to then penthouse for an MVP/Speaker mixer, where I got a chance to pimp Colligo’s Contributor product (Full Disclosure: BinaryWave is a Colligo partner) to a SQL author who needs to sync chapters for his books with SharePoint Doc libs. On the way we had to dodge the paparazzi in town for the Latin Gramm Awards. And no, before you ask, I did NOT get Shakira’s autograph!

The night wrapped up with April and Lawrence Liu treating the MVP’s to KA at the MGM Grand. What an incredible show. I’m not sure I understood it but the music and choreography were awesome.

Tomorrow is packed full with sessions, including SPD with Dustin Miller and SP app dev with AC. A lot of people are flying out so we’ll be doing a send-off dinner at Sir Gallahad’s in the Excalibur (best prime rib on the strip) then probably take in another show.