SharePoint Conference 2011 Wrap Up

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SharePoint Conference 2011 Wrap Up

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Another SharePoint Conference has come and gone. With more than 7,000 attendees, we pushed the facility and surrounding entertainment venues to their limits (let’s just say Disney wasn’t quite prepared for our kind of crowd). There was a ton of great content, with lots of it being real-world advice from the trenches – and even a few sessions that didn’t mention the words "cloud", "on prem" or "365" (which no doubt violated some rule or other).

For those who attended either of my sessions, the decks and related materials can be found here (development) and here (performance). Please note that you’ll need the Test or Ultimate versions of Visual Studio 2010 to run the load tests from the performance session (and a very beefy machine if you plan to do host > guest stress testing like I did). If you were at the conference but didn’t make it into the sessions, the video is available from your MySPC sessions page (session numbers SPC214 and SPC373). Thanks to everyone who attended and posted all the great messages on Twitter. If you have any questions I was unable to answer on either topic, please add a comment to this post and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’ve recovered a bit from the whole experience.

Next year we head back to Las Vegas to do it all over again (I may need a liver transplant to survive that one). See you there!