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SharePoint Conference 2008, Day Two

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Nothing like staying out late then getting up early to catch Adam Buenz’s session on Records Management and IRM. Tough subject first thing in the morning but well worth it – Adam had some great content and some of the funniest slides I’ve ever seen (I do believe this is the first time both Jessica Simpson and Osama bin Laden have made an appearance in a SharePoint conference session). Unfortunately, it was a 300-level talk so he couldn’t show any of his code but if you’re thinking of writing any custom routing for records management sites, hit him up for some code samples.

We wandered the vendor area during lunch and ran across Steve Smith and Nick Swan from the UK. I had some work backing up so I had to sit out the afternoon sessions. After the avant-garde fare of the previous evening we were all ready for a real meal, so it was off to Ruth’s Chris steakhouse for some serious food. Most of the gang was there but some people went to the Space and Flight Museum and got left out of the meat-fest. After gorging ourselves on the better part of an entire side of beef it was off to the Crowne Plaza for some serious drinking. The British contingent joined us and there was much discussion lost in translation between proper Queen’s English (or whatever it is that Spence speaks), Jersey-ese and my redneck drawl. Despite our best efforts to extend last call well into the wee hours of the morning we were booted onto the street around 1 am and failed to find an alternative venue (although I have a sneaking suspicion that Adam succeeded where the rest of us failed).

Bob Fox and Joel Oleson are up in the morning with their talk on Server 2008. I’m guessing that at least one picture of Bob 1.0 will appear, along with a dig at AC and a joke about my hat. We’ll see if I’m right or not and if Bob can manage to make it through an entire presentation without cursing at least once.