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New Podcast: SharePoint Search on RunAs Radio

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It’s strange how things in your career come together over time. Way back in 2008 I was attending TechEd in Orlando, Florida (as documented here). We had a booth the first week to lauch our Sonar product (which eventually became part of SharePoint Diagnostic Manager​) and I was lurking about the Office kiosks the second week answering SharePoint development questions when I got roped into something called Speaker Idol. It was a fun little competition in which speakers are given five minutes to do a presentation to a panel of judges and a small audience. The winner of each heat went on to the finals with the prize being a speaking slot at the next TechEd. By pure luck I managed to win the competition and along the way met some really great people – the irrepressible Rachel Appel, the eloquent Alan Stevens, and the brilliant Amanda Leigh, to name just a few. But perhaps the best connections to come out of that event were with Richard Campbell and Carl Franklin, a dynamic duo who have brought us such great technical community resources as .NET Rocks, RunAs Radio, and The Tablet Show, not to mention speaking, producing, traveling cross-country on insane road trips and, oh yeah, making some killer music.   

Richard and I have gotten together a few times over the years, both virtually and in person, to chat about various techincal topics – usually SharePoint – and I’m always amazed how much he knows about the technology industry in general and especially about our little corner of it. You would think his mind is already overflowing with general tech-related buzz but somehow he keeps his finger on the pulse of the SharePoint world as well. I really don’t think he sleeps. Like, ever. I had another opportunity to chat with Richard recently on the topic of SharePoint search (and SharePoint/Office365/Azure/Cloud stuff in general) for RunAs Radio. I always enjoy our conversations and we never seem to have enough time to talk about everything on our minds. In any event, have a listen if you are so inclined and be sure to check out all the other things Richard is involved in.  It’s quality stuff!  

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