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MVP Again!

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For whatever strange reason, the Powers That Be have decided that your humble Cowboy is deserving of being a SharePoint MVP for another year. I’m honored to be part of the big, crazy, dysfunctional family that is the SharePoint MVP group, at least until next October (or until they catch on that all we really do when we get together is get liquored up and out of control). Boo-yah!

With every award cycle comes changes – some old faces go away and some new faces come on the scene. I’d particularly like to welcome Natalya Voskresenskaya. Many of you probably already read her SharePoint for Squirrels blog but if you don’t know Natalya, you should – she’s a great SharePointer and a tremendous contributor to the community. She’s also a board member of the ISPA and has been instrumental in getting that effort off the ground. I look forward to having her insight in our discussions at the MVP Summit and at the various conferences we all attend.

A few international MVP’s have also joined the group but the only one I’m aware of so far is Marco Aurélio Peres. Bienvenidos, Marco! I’ll share the names and blog URL’s of the other new international MVP’s as we learn of them so you can reach out and say "Howdy!" if they are near your neck of the woods. Congratulations to all the new and returning MVP’s and a hearfelt "Thanks" for all you do for the greater SharePoint community.

Here’s to another great year as a SharePoint MVP!