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European Best Practices SharePoint Conference 2011

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There are some things you can always count on when spring rolls around – bad weather at an outdoor wedding, one last cold snap before the days get long, fresh grass to mow, and somebody you know pulling an April Fools joke in very poor taste. But the best thing to look forward to every spring is another fantastic SharePoint conference in the UK. And what better way to welcome sunshine and sunny days than with quality SharePoint content from the best in the business?

This year’s installment of the European Best Practices SharePoint Conference will be held at the familiar stomping grounds of the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center in London, England. For three days, from April 11th through the 13th, you’ll have a chance to learn real-world lessons from speakers who talk the talk and walk the walk. As the name implies, this conference isn’t about demo scenarios or pie-in-the-sky, only-in-a-perfect-world situations – this is rubber meets the road, real-world experience from the trenches. Sure, you’ll get lots of good pointers on how to do this or that but, more importantly, you’ll learn why to do it one way versus another, what works and what doesn’t, and how to save time by not repeating the mistakes of others. Go to other conferences to get ideas. Come to this one to get answers.

If you live anywhere east of Gander and west of Tokyo, the European BP Conference is the place to be on April 11th. Just glancing at the list of speakers should be enough to convince you that this is the one conference in Europe you must attend this year. I can’t even begin to count the combined years of SharePoint experience that will be present all in one place at one time. And just wait until we all get on a panel the final day and field your questions – the fireworks are something to behold (even a volcano can’t stop us). Tell your boss, tell your friends, and tell your spouse that you’ll be in London this April.

See you in there!