European Best Practices Conference 2011 Wrap Up

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European Best Practices Conference 2011 Wrap Up

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Another Best Practices Conference is done and dusted. It was a great event, with Steve Smith and the Combined Knowledge crew doing their usual bang-up job. Thankfully, there were no extraordinary measures required to pull this one off – I dare say it went about as smoothly as any conference could go.

I’m looking forward to the conference DVD as there were a number of sessions that I didn’t get to – I especially want to the see the full version of Chris "SharePoint Banana" O’brien’s talk on continuous integration. For those who sat in on my sessions, the slides and sample code can be downloaded from the following links:

DEV205 Creating Dynamic Client Applications in SharePoint 2010

ITDEV311 Fine Tuning SharePoint 2010 Performance and Optimization

We also recorded a live episode of the SharePoint Pod Show during the event – keep an eye out on the website, it should be available soon.

It was great catching up with all my UK mates and walking a few Yanks (and even a dapper Swede) ’round London for some off-the-beaten-track adventures. Let’s do it again next year!