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DevLink 2009 Wrap Up

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We wrapped up DevLink 2009 today in Nashville, TN. John Kellar and crew did a fantastic job organizing the event. I don’t know what the final numbers were but there were lots of devs from all over the country there (and a few other countries as well).

As predicted, the SharePoint nation made it’s presence known. A special thanks to all the SharePointers, including Rob Foster, Cathy Dew, Dennis Bottjer, Becky Isserman, Dan Usher, Jeremy Sublett and all the rest who helped us get our party on (and believe me, there’s was plenty of partying – including getting our groove on with Nature Boy Ric Flair. Yes, that Ric Flair.). Everyone brought great content and delivered some killer presentations.

Speaking of presentations, I’ve posted my decks and sample code to my site. You can get the Site Definitions material here and the Web Services content here.

Thanks to everyone who joined us. It was a great event and I’m looking forward to next year. Tootsie’s just won’t be the same without us!