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SharePoint Application Pool Management

Steve Sheppard has a new blog series regarding IIS memory management and SharePoint that is required reading.  Normally this kind of thing is a bit too far into the adminisphere for me but this is the kind of thing developers need to keep in mind when writing highly transactional and data-intensive applications.  You don’t have to be an expert at it […]

E-Mail Updates Working – Finally!

One thing that has always annoyed me about the SharePoint blog template is that users who leave comments are not offered the option to receive e-mail notifications when further comments are posted to the same thread.  How can we have a (virtual) conversation if you don’t know when I’ve responded to your last communication?  A […]

STSADM Operations

So I was updating our backup scripts today and needed the syntax for the backup operation (for some reason I can remember phone numbers from twenty years ago and CAML query syntax but I can’t remember admin commands – must be all the scotch).  Instead of just firing up a command prompt, I did a […]

Setting up Windows 2008 with MOSS

Bob Fox just posted an excellent walkthrough on setting up Windows Server 2008 with MOSS in his lab environment.  A timely article as I’m about to take the plunge and go dual-boot with Vista and Win2k8 on my tablet.    So far, I was able to easily transfer my Vista partition onto a portable drive […]

Tilting at Knowledge Base Windmills

I’m probably going to take some flak for this but sometimes you’ve just gotta stand up and shout when you see officially sanctioned advice that appears to have come right out of left field.  I’m referring to KB944105 – How to customize application pages in the Layouts folder in SharePoint Server 2007 and in Windows SharePoint Services […]

Anonymous Search Results in WSS v3

When configuring WSS v3 (2007) for a public facing web site there are a number of steps to take to insure anonymous users don’t have access to areas they shouldn’t – removing default lists, modifying application pages to hide pulic views, locking down mysites, etc. – but there is one page that is absolutely necessary […]