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SharePoint Global Navigation Sometimes Ignores Target Audience Settings

I recently came across a curious scenario when using target audiences with SharePoint 2010 global navigation. I began with a common enough requirement – create a static menu structure in which certain links would be visible only to members of specific SharePoint security groups (no Active Directory in this particular environment). The basic hierarchy looked […]

SharePoint 2010 Anonymous Search Results

I recently ran into what should have been a well-documented and easily corrected search issue in SharePoint (2010 but the same could be said for 2007). The basic scenario was a public-facing publishing site with an extended zone for anonymous users (the default zone was configured for NTLM). Search worked find for authenticated users but […]

Custom Layout Pages, FieldName, and the Infrastructure Update

This one wasted several hours of an otherwise productive day. I was working on a demo site with a bunch of DVWP’s and custom pages when I noticed that all the publishing zones in my layout pages had disappeared. I could edit the list item and see the fields from my content type but when […]

New SharePoint Administration Book

My buddies and fellow SharePoint MVP’s Todd Klindt and Shane Young have a new book out on SharePoint Administration.  I didn’t even know – nobody ever tells us devs anything.  If admin is your thing then go get it – these guys know their stuff.   (Psst – If you see Shane anywhere be sure […]

Preventing Blog Spam, Part IV

So here I go again, attempting to find creative ways to prevent spambots from slamming my blog with junk postings.  A number of people have complained about the my removing anonymous access from the Comments list and since I still haven’t had time to create a Captcha custom field type, I’m trying Mo Omar’s method of using […]

Timer Jobs, Alerts and the Daylight Savings Time Hotfix

Not too long ago I had a problem with MOSS timer jobs delaying execution until an hour after they were created.  I was puzzled, as the farm I was working on was a clean install of slipstreamed SP1.  After some searching, I found the KB941422 post-SP1 hotfix.  The install was no walk in the park […]

Spammers Be Gone!

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later – the spammers have wormed their way into my comments list and are filling it up with nonsense.  As a temporary measure I am turning on approvals in the Comments list until I can implement a custom Captcha field (if anyone knows of one that can […]

“PermissionMask Check Failed” and Other Search Errors That Go Bump in the Dark

I recently consulted with a Microsoft partner who was experiencing some very odd WSS search issues (not MOSS search, which is an entirely different animal).  To begin with, they were running SPS 2003 and WSS v3.0 on the same box, which is not something I wouldn’t normally recommend doing in production.  But after hours of […]

STSADMWin 2007

AC just posted a link to the new version of the STSADM windows utility that we all knew and loved (well, sort of) in 2003.  Personally, I’m a command-line kind of guy but lots of folks swore by this tool in v2 so the update for v3 will be welcome relief for you GUI types.  […]

SharePoint Database Resources

I just had a client ask about migrating a MOSS/WSS database and found this article and this one, both from Bill Baer.  He offers some good advice and a wealth of additional resource material at the end.  Thanks to fellow MVP Ben Curry for the timely tip.