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Silverlight Display Web Part and Why You Should Always Do Least Priveleged Testing

A few weeks ago I whipped up a quick display web part for Silverlight projects and posted it for download.  I was in a hurry just to get something done and thought I’d share it for everyone who might need it but, alas, I failed to completely test it.  When I enabled anonymous access for […]

Silverlight Display Web Part

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no Silverlight guru – all those sliding images and reflecting chrome are a bit fancy for my simple country-boy tastes.  But I was floored when one of our graphic artists brought me a few samples of some new marketing materials and showed me how he did it.  […]

The Devs and the Dev Nots

There seems to be an alarming trend developing within the greater Microsoft community of building a firewall between those of us who write code for a living and those of us who do not. First, Microsoft decides to split TechEd US into two weeks, ala the TechEd Europe model, with the first week being geared […]

Creating a Custom WSS Site Definition

A number of people have asked me to do a post similar to this one regarding custom site definitions for WSS.  The process is very similar, if not a bit easier, to that for Meeting Workspaces but a few people got lost in the specifics so here’s a detailed walkthrough on creating custom WSS site […]

Another Entry in the SharePoint Application Platform Debate

Spence Harbar has a great new entry in the SharePoint Application Platform debate that’s been raging here, here, here, here and here.    Spence’s first point says it all:   "WSS v3 provides a really quite ridiculously large collection of core application framework services or infrastructure plumbing, all for free and all to an extremely […]

Creating a Custom Meeting Workspace Site Definition

Heather Solomon posted an article recently regarding the difficulties of customizing the Meeting Workspace templates.  I agree with Heather that there is really only one reliable way to do this with any level of automation –a custom Site Definition.  Not too terribly difficult but if you’ve never done it the process can be a bit daunting.  So here’s […]

Using Features to Deploy Web Part Pages in WSS

I recently had a requirement to duplicate (at least in part) the publishing architecture of MOSS using WSS. Specifically, the user wanted to be able to deploy web part pages to a specific document library when a new site was provisioned and add web parts to those pages automatically. This allows the user to browse […]

SharePoint and ASP.NET Code Behind Pages

In a follow on to his earlier post regarding SharePoint development, Andrew Connell has posted detailed instructions on how to create, configure and deploy ASPX pages using code-behind files in SharePoint 2007.  What I found most interesting in this article are the detailed solution package instructions and XML samples, both of which are sadly lacking […]

Using GetContentTypes with the Webs Web Service

I’ve been working on updating our SharePoint Utilities with support for Site Columns and Content Types in SharePoint 2007.  Ideally, I would like the tool to have the ability to create site columns and content types on the fly it it sees them in the list structure and they don’t already exist on the site.  […]

Site Columns, Content Types, and Curly Braces

This actually came up a while back during a training course on MOSS customization and branding but I was reminded of it while doing the mind-numbing work of manually creating site column and content type features for a client.  When you assign a GUID to a Feature it is up to you whether or not […]