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Troubling MSDN Article Content

Kim Nguyen over at Pariveda shot me an email today asking about some confusing terminology in this MSDN article. While I was perusing it, and marveling at how the author was able to completely mixup Site, Site Collection and Web object references with alarming regularity, I noticed the following paragraph: "For example, if you configure […]

Happy Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year.  Unlike Christmas, there’s no commercialism, no gaudy, overwrought decoration, no pretense – it’s all about family, friends and lots of good food.  It’s also a time to talk to our children about our unique history, all the things we have to be thankful for, and the price that […]

Happy Independence Day

To all of you in the US, and those Americans currently residing in other countries, I’d like to wish you and yours a very happy Independence Day (or, as my friends in the UK like to call it, "Getting Rid of the Colonies Day").  May your beer be cold, your barbecue spicy, and your fireworks […]

Adios Tablet PC, How I Will Miss Thee

Let me begin by saying that I absolutely love the Tablet PC form factor and the Inking experience.  There is nothing more intuitive than picking up a pen and interacting with a digital interface (short of touch but that falls short when you want to write something down).  If you don’t believe me, put a […]

The Great 64-bit Myth

Sometimes, you just get so annoyed you have to rant or you’ll explode.  The object of my ire this day is all the notebook vendors who claim to support "4GB of RAM" and Vista.  Bulls**t!!!  Buy one, try to install Vista x64 so you can use that $500 worth of 4 gig goodness and see what happens.  No drivers.  […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

To all of you who celebrate the Christmas holiday around the world, from all of us at BinaryWave, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  To all of our Jewish and Muslim friends we hope you had a happy and festive Chanukah and Ramadan, respectively.    Our sincerest wishes to everyone for a safe and enjoyable holiday with family and […]

The Terror of Infrequent Fliers

It being the holidays and all I thought I would set aside the tried and true SharePoint programming for a minute and vent about one of the things that most peeves me off in this entire universe – infrequent fliers. You know them. Those poor hapless souls who travel once in a blue moon to […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is easily my favorite holiday of the year. It’s a uniquely American experience and one of the few things we still get right when it comes to holidays; there’s nothing commercial about it – just family and friends and lots of food (the day after is something else entirely – don’t get me started […]

BinaryWave is Hiring Sales Engineers in the UK

Wow, what a year it’s been.  Business is booming both in the States and the UK.  So much so that we need additional sales-oriented staff to help manage customer opportunities throughout England, Scotland, and Ireland.   If you are a customer-oriented sales engineer type with solid SharePoint experience who is comfortable interfacing with both business managers and developers, then […]

Mapping Document Libraries in Windows Vista

Well here’s one that threw me for a loop.  I was trying to do something very simple – map a network drive to a SharePoint document library to share a OneNote notebook.  Should be easy, right?  Well, it would have been if the WSS site wasn’t set to use Basic Authentication.  Naturally, Vista gave me […]