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SharePoint Licensing Links

Perhaps the greatest area of confusion we encounter on a daily basis is the topic of SharePoint licensing.  End users don’t understand it, VAR’s have a hard time explaining it, and even Microsofties get lost in MOSS Licensing Land from time to time.  Here are some links to help sort things out.   Microsoft Links: […]

Updated RSS Aggregator Web Part

I have posted an updated version of my RSS Aggregator web part here.  The new version includes some stability enhancements, better error reporting, and the option to open links in a new window.  Unfortunately I don’t have time at the moment to implement some of the other changes people have asked for, like XSL Formatting and […]

The SharePoint Application Platform Debate

Andrew Connell posted some thoughts regarding the use of SharePoint as an application platform in response to a post by Jeffrey Palermo (Full Disclosure – Headspring Systems, the firm Jeffrey works for, is one of our clients but I’ve never met nor spoken with him).  Jeffrey seems to be arguing against SharePoint because it cannot be […]

Ontolica Search Workshop in Dallas Sept. 18th

The folks from Mondosoft are putting on an Ontolica Search Workshop here in Dallas on September 18th.  Ontolica is one of my favorite third-party SharePoint add-ons (along with Colligo Contributor and BDC MetaMan).  If you need some extra horsepower in your portal search then be sure to check out what Ontolica has to offer.   […]

SharePoint Work Acceleration Toolkit 2007 from iDevFactory

Bob Fox just turned me on to the SharePoint Work Acceleration Toolkit 2007 from iDevFactory.  This looks really cool.  I’ve used their Universal SharePoint Manager product before and it’s rock solid.  Full review and screenshots to follow.  They have free trials of both products.  So why are you still here?  Go check ’em out!