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Updated Version of SharePoint List Viewer Utility

As part of the web services presentation I did at DevLink in August I updated my SharePoint List Viewer utility to emit XML results in a browser object (using IE’s native XSL formatting) and cleaned out some of the old legacy dependencies. Naturally, I forgot to post the new executable. It can be downloaded from […]

System.IO.IOException Error in the Configuration Wizard

To make a very long story very short, I’m rebuilding a production server farm from the ground up due to improper sizing of the server root partitions when the project was initiated. Fortunately, I built the farm with full redundancy so I can pull servers out, have them rebuilt, and put them back into production […]

Sonar Standard Version 1.1 Now Available

It’s been an interesting few months since the release of the first version of Sonar. We’ve had thousands of downloads, lots of good press, and a great deal of interest from SharePoint developers and administrators around the world. Like any first version, Sonar had a few rough edges, and we’ve been working diligently to fix […]

Sonar – How We Did It

With all the press that SharePoint performance and capacity planning has been getting lately, Lawrence Liu asked me to do a write-up on some of the background and architecture of Sonar.  If you’re at all interested in SharePoint performance (and if you’re reading this that’s probably a safe bet), go check it out then download […]

Sonar Standard Is Here!

On Monday, March 3rd, we released Sonar Standard Edition in conjunction with SharePoint Conference 2008.  Sonar Standard builds upon the success of Sonar Lite by adding features requested by enterprise customers, including server control metrics, improved sorting and filtering capabilities, security trimming, and compatibility with Office SharePoint Server 2007 publishing pages.   Sonar Standard (MOSS […]

Announcing Sonar Lite – Performance Measurement for SharePoint

One of the most frustrating aspects of SharePoint administration and development is the inability to get any sort of granular performance metrics for page objects (especially web parts).  SharePoint can be a finicky beast – configure a setting wrong here, make the wrong object model call there, and performance slows to a crawl.  Identifying which objects on […]

SharePoint Developer Workshop in Dallas February 4th – 7th

<Advertisement>   Due to a great deal of demand from Microsoft partners in the South Central region (Texas, Ohlahoma, Arkansas, and Louisana) we’ve opened registration for our next SharePoint Developer Workshop in February to anayone who might be interested.  This is an intensive, hands-on, four day workshop for experienced .NET developers looking to get into […]

New UK Contact Information

As it always does, the new year brings a few changes, the first of which is our official UK office move from our place in Andoversford, just outside of Cheltenham, to Bristol.  The Andoversford location was convenient but not exactly a hub of commercial activity; the new digs in Bristol will bring us closer to […]

Happy New Year 2008

To all my readers around the world, Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday and that the new year brings you a Texas-sized helping of joy and prosperity.  Now go eat you some black-eyed peas (it’s a Southern thing, y’all).   The new year is always a time of looking back and looking […]

Flame and Ye Shall Be Flamed in Return

I was all geared up to author a scathing respone to this ridiculous post but I was struggling with some way to write it without using the words ‘idiot’, ‘imbecile’ and ‘moron’ all in the same sentence.  Sometimes, I just can’t get beyond the urge to reach through my computer and slap the bejeezus out […]