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Critical Vulnerability in SharePoint Server Being Exploited by Hackers

ZDNet has posted an article describing a critical vulnerability in SharePoint Server 2010, 2013, 2016 & 2019 that is currently being exploited by hackers to gain access to farms exposed to the internet. This vulnerability allows attackers to run code in the context of the application pool or farm administrator account. The Microsoft Security Bulletin […]

Visual Studio Extension for SPFx v1.8 Now Available

Fellow Visual Studio enthusiast Paul Schaeflein and I (read: two old-timers who like the way things used to be and would prefer if the youngsters would just get the heck off our lawns) have released the latest version of the Visual Studio Extension for SharePoint Framework. Paul has the details in his blog post. He […]

Invalid Command Line Switch Parameters in SPFx Yeoman Generator v1.8.0.0

When we built the Visual Studio Extension for SharePoint Framework, we made a conscious decision not to try and replicate the behavior of the underlying Yeoman generator but rather to execute it silently in the background then take the results and put them into a properly structured VS solution. This has worked rather well (more […]