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SharePoint UK User Group Social Night – October 14th, 2015

​What to do when you have a spare night in London after the Unity Connect conference? You get the SharePoint UK User Group gang together for a social event, that’s what! If you are around the greater London area the evening of October 14th, please drop by and join us for a pint or two […]

The Future of Client Side Development in SharePoint and Office 365

​Ther​e is a lot of discussion lately in the SharePoint community regarding the future of pure client-side applications (meaning those comprised entirely of HTML and JavaScript). Most of the posts I see are negative, with complaints centered around the lack of compiled code, complexity of app webs, perceived security weaknesses and inability to support forms-based authentication. […]

A SharePoint Conference Just for Developers? Absolutely!

​If you are a SharePoint developer then you have probably resigned yourself to the fact that most conferences offer little in the way of actual content for programmers. More often than not, there are four or five tracks of IT professional, information worker and business sessions with only a single track talking about actual code. […]

SharePoint Evolution Conference 2015 – The One Event You Must Attend

There are a lot of SharePoint related conferences going on these days, from free local events like SharePoint Saturday to gigantic marketing shows and everything in between. They all offer value in one way or another but nobody has the time or resources to attend more than a few. So how do you choose? I’ve […]

The Dangers of JavaScript Injection in SharePoint Apps

The latest guidance from Microsoft suggests that the use of client-side API’s is now the preferred technique for customizing the user interface in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online. This is a distinct departure from the tried-and-true approach of using custom master pages to create a branded SharePoint experience. Naturally, this has stirred up quite a […]