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SEF 2008, Day One

Yesterday was the first day of the SharePoint and Exchange Forum 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden. As it turns out, fellow MVP Todd Klindt was on the same flight to London with me and, since we had a night over with nothing to do, I insisted on taking him around Soho for the first time. I’m […]

SEF 2008 Presentations and Code Samples

I’m presenting two sessions at SEF 2008 in Sweden – an introduction to SharePoint for .NET developers and performance optimization in SharePoint development.  The presentations and code samples can be found here:   From .NET to SharePoint – Introduction to SharePoint Programming for .NET Developers [SEF2008]   Full Speed Ahead – Developing High Performance Applications […]

In Memory of Patrick Tisseghem

On Wednesday, September 3rd, fellow MVP and all-around SharePoint guru Patrick Tisseghem died from heart failure while in Sweden to teach a course.    Patrick was a good friend of mine (and many others in the SharePoint community) and we are all in mourning.  It is hard to imagine the SharePoint world without Patrick.    […]

The First SharePoint Cowboy Podcast

When I was in the UK a few weeks ago I sat down with my good friend and fellow SharePoint MVP Nick Swan to record an interview for the SharePoint Podshow. We talked about a wide range of topics, including my favorite subject, SharePoint performance, and it was good fun. Give it a listen and […]

Preventing Blog Spam, Part IV

So here I go again, attempting to find creative ways to prevent spambots from slamming my blog with junk postings.  A number of people have complained about the my removing anonymous access from the Comments list and since I still haven’t had time to create a Captcha custom field type, I’m trying Mo Omar’s method of using […]

The Great Debate: SharePoint Designer vs. Custom Site Definitions

I often get asked about the pros and cons of using SharePoint Designer versus custom site definitions for branding purposes. There seems to be a great deal of confusion surrounding this topic so I’ll offer my two cent’s worth in hopes that it clears the air and helps you, the SharePoint developer or administrator, make […]

D/FW SharePoint Community August Meeting

Just a reminder that the August meeting of the D/FW SharePoint Community is Tuesday the 19th. K2 will be presenting one of their workflow applications and my friends over at Barracuda Software will be talking about user permission management and their DeliverPoint product. In the Developer breakout session we will be discussing the use, creation […]

SUGUK Presentation Wrap-Up

Last night I presented Full Speed Ahead – Developing High Performance Applications for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to the SharePoint UK User Group in London. We had a record turnout of 139 people; in fact, so many showed up that we ran short of pizza and drinks. Fortunately, the local pub was a quick […]

The Ongoing Saga of WinMac – Back to Vista

For about a month now I’ve been running Windows Server 2008 on a Macbook Pro. My initial theory was that Win2k8 + Hyper-V + Macbook Pro would beat the pants off of any Vista system in terms of virtual machine performance. My experience running this configuration validates that theory – Win2k8 on this machine is […]

ISPA is Here!

Today marks the official launch of the International SharePoint Professionals Association (ISPA). This is an exciting project that I have been involved with for some time. Go to the ISPA web site and Bob Fox’s blog to get the official lowdown. From my perspective, what excites me the most about this organization is the tremendous […]