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New SharePoint Blogger Rajesh Satluri

Friend and fellow devhead Rajesh Satluri has (finally!) begun blogging on SharePoint development topics.  Rajesh is a Senior Architect at Argus Software ( is almost entirely his work).  I’ve worked with Rajesh several times on various projects and he’s one of the smartest SharePoint devs around.  I’ve been pestering him for years to get a […]

SharePoint Designer Workflows, Tasks, and the Annoying “Access Denied” Error

As most of you know, I try to avoid SharePoint Designer like that creepy distant relative at family reunions who always gives you the heebie-jeebies. But lately we’ve had some clients who insist on doing everything "out of the box", so I’ve had to grit my teeth and, with great trepidation, fire up ye old […]

Tulsa Techfest 2008, Day Two

Today is the second and last day of Tulsa Techfest 2008. The day started with Dennis Bottjer talking about SharePoint performance. He had some good tips for architects and administrations and event hit on some development topics. The second Birds of a Feather session went well, with my old Chicken Dancing buddy Steve Walker sitting […]

Tulsa TechFest 2008, Day One

Tulsa TechFest 2008 kicked off today at the OSU Campus in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This year saw a big upswing in attendance with over 800 registrations – if this keeps up, David Walker will have to take over the entire campus to make room for everyone. There are 17 different tracks, covering everything from eMarketing to […]

MVP Again!

For whatever strange reason, the Powers That Be have decided that your humble Cowboy is deserving of being a SharePoint MVP for another year. I’m honored to be part of the big, crazy, dysfunctional family that is the SharePoint MVP group, at least until next October (or until they catch on that all we really […]

Tulsa Techfest 2008

It’s that time of year again. Pumpkin patches are springing up, the stores are full of Halloween costumes, the Polka bands are warming up for Oktoberfest, and Tulsa Techfest 2008 is only a couple of weeks away. This is a great event held over two days on the Tulsa campus of Oklahoma State University. There’s […]

The Hidden Value of Communities

  NOTE: This is a cross-posting from the ISPA web site. Original article located here. As someone who travels around the world speaking to community organizations of all types and sizes, I’ve often been asked, and even wondered myself, about the true value of community.  Why do we do it?  What benefits does it provide?  […]

TechEd TechTalk – SharePoint Different Views

During TechEd 2008 North America, ASP.NET MVP and good friend David Walker asked me to join him in a recorded discussion on SharePoint and social networking. As many of you know, I’m not a huge fan of Social Networking implementations (to be clear, I support the concept just not the way it has been implemented […]

User Groups Growing Like Crazy

As many of you know, I split my time between the US and UK, supporting both my local user group in Dallas/Fort Worth and the SharePoint UK user group. The UK group is the largest in the world and has just surpassed 4,000 registered members (by way of contrast, the DFW group has almost a […]

SEF 2008, Day Two

One of these days I’m going to learn not to stay up all night drinking and hell raising when I have presentations to do the next day – but apparently I haven’t learned this lesson yet. Fortunately, my first presentation, From .NET to SharePoint – Introduction to SharePoint Programming for .NET Developers, wasn’t until 10:20; […]