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TechEd 2007, Wrap Up

I thought this year’s TechEd was a great event.  I really enjoyed hanging out at the WSS kiosk and giving the MVP’s and Microsoft folks a hand fielding questions from attendees.  I didn’t attend many sessions (I’ve heard most of the presentations before) but the feedback I heard from people on the floor was that […]

TechEd 2007, Day 4

11:00AM   Everyone is looking a bit rough this morning.  Darrin Bishop looks like he’s been run over by a bus.  I feel his pain.  Whose idea was it to go out and party every night of TechEd?  Oh, right, Bob Fox.  It’s all his fault (’cause he really twisted my arm hard, y’know?).  Like […]

TechEd 2007, Day 3

10:00AM   More business at the hotel before I make my way back to the exhibition hall.  First thing I run into is Adam and The World’s Greatest Hangover.  He looked like he’d just gone ten rounds with Peterbuilt.  Not your finest moment, my friend.   We’re not there five minutes and the WSS kiosk starts […]

TechEd 2007, Day 2

12:00PM   Got a late start today after catching up on emails in the hotel room.  Spent most of the afternoon at the WSS kiosk fielding all sorts of SharePoint questions.  Great traffic and lots of people interested in SharePoint. Even got a chance to talk about Nick’s cool tool BDC Meta Manager.  Unforunately, I’ve been […]

TechEd 2007, Day 1

1:30PM   Finally arrived at the Orange County Convention Center.  If there are a bigger set of buildings in the world I have yet to find them.  Holy cow.  After walking nearly two miles (most of it indoors) I finally found Registration which, of course, was moved from the complete other side of the complex […]

Do You TechEd?

I’m off to Orlando next week for the big Microsoft geekfest otherwise known as TechEd.  I’ll be blogging daily from the event, keeping you up to date on – what else? – the latest SharePoint happenings.     If you plan to attend, look for me and introduce yourself.  I’m most likely to be found wearing a […]

Securing Application Pages in SharePoint 2007

Anonymous security in SharePoint 2007 is more of an art than an exact science, it seems.  Although drastically improved from 2003, there are still some gaps in the security model which need to be plugged (and some that need to be opened) for public-facing SharePoint sites.  One of the most glaring examples is the List […]

Anonymous Search Results in WSS v3

When configuring WSS v3 (2007) for a public facing web site there are a number of steps to take to insure anonymous users don’t have access to areas they shouldn’t – removing default lists, modifying application pages to hide pulic views, locking down mysites, etc. – but there is one page that is absolutely necessary […]

SharePoint 2007 RSS Aggregation Web Part

One of the most common requirements we have these days is to display RSS feeds on WSS/MOSS sites inside of a web part.  Most users want the ability to see just a list of article links, sorted by date, from multiple feed sources – a collection of technology blogs or all the official SharePoint blogs, […]