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MOSS Publishing Pages and Encoded GUID’s

While working on a web part for a client’s MOSS public web site I discovered some strange behavior regarding GUID’s embedded in query string arguments.  My web part, a simple viewer that replaces the functionality of the old ‘txtlstvw’ page from SharePoint 2003, takes the GUID of a list and an item ID as query string […]

DFW SharePoint Community Meeting August 21, 2007

The next DFW SharePoint Community meeting is being held at the Microsoft campus in Las Colinas, Texas on August 21st.  This month Matthew Ordish, a Microsoft Office Platform Technology Specialist, will discuss Office Business Applications (OBA’s).  There is a lot of cood content in this presentation that is relevant to the SharePoint Community so don’t […]

JavaScript, SharePoint, and the getElementById Blues

It doesn’t take long for anyone who does client-side coding in SharePoint to figure out that the trusty ol’ getElementById() method just ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Sure, it works fine in standard ASP.NET pages but in SharePoint all that pretty client-side code goes right out the window.  Just what is going on […]